Monday, March 24, 2014

Another great article on Disneyland Social Clubs!

     Though these groups are nothing new, it seems to be picking up interest in the media. Another article has come out profiling the mysterious and often misunderstood Social Clubs of Disneyland.
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How to print and create one-of-a kind items with Inkodye

My latest Youtube video is a tutorial where I show you how to print photographic images onto fabric. In this case a canvas bag. Warning the video does get a little silly and weird but it gives good tips to those who may be interested in creating some neat one of a kind items that nobody else has.

Here are some photos of other projects that I've done using Inkodye and stickers from a Disney Parks scrapbooking kit I found at my local craft store.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Disney's Frozen Custom Painted TOMS

Todays post is my first Youtube video of what will hopefully become many more. It features one of my newest designs inspired by the characters of Disney's Frozen. 

If you watched the video above leave a comment below with what you thought. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Submarine Voyage/20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Today's adventure takes us on a Submarine Voyage 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! See what I did there? So this pair was requested as "anything featuring the submarine ride".  My mind immediately went to the vintage Tomorrowland posters featuring classic Disneyland rides. I didn't want to stray to far away from that.  So todays entry will be pretty short on words but will be more about the progress photos.

To compliment the submarine I chose to use this artwork on the other shoe. Again not straying much from the source material.  I did however spread the "20,000 Leages under the sea" wording across both shoes.

Once completed, it was time for a photoshoot.  Add some tissue paper and sea shells I had lying around the house and here is what you get.

To finish off the design, I decided to add some small bubbles and starfish/seashells to the backs of the shoes in the same color scheme as the fronts. 

This specific design is not available in my shop but if you would like me to recreate it, you can always  Email a request here.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Permanecer Sentados Por Favor

By Dan-O Florez
 What better way to start off Monday than with the Matterhorn?

A few months ago I came up with an idea to post a "mystery Matterhorn"listing in my shop. The listing was for a custom painted pair of TOMS themed to the Matterhorn. The catch was that the buyer did not get to know what the design was until it arrived at their door. Being that this is kind of risky for any buyer I offered the listing at $95 (TOMS shoes cost $50 so I would be doing the artwork for $45 considering how many hours it takes to paint a pair of shoes, I was working for peanuts.)  This listing was really because I wanted to do the design and get it out into the world. I already had an idea in my head of what the design would entail but I wasn't 100% on all the details. 

I started by looking up photos of Matterhorn signage and found this sign that gets used when the ride is down for refurbishments. As you can see above I used that as a basis for an image I created to be used on T-shirts

Here is a series of photos showing the progression of the mountain as it was painted. Starting with gray, white, and lastly adding in the green trees, and yellow/white sun, and red border.

What Matterhorn inspired artwork would be complete without an appearance from Harold the yeti?

Because of the various shades and shadowing needed for Harold's fur, I used a combination of a creamy light brown and white to give it that messy hair kind of look.

You may have noticed in the photos just above that I painted the sides white with orange and pink stripes. That inspiration came from these photos of an older Matterhorn.

Added small Yeti foot print to the outer heel of the shoe. Placing a small object on the outer heel to the side of the TOMS tag has become a signature element in many of my Disney inspired designs

This design can be ordered in my webstore at

Until next time, please remain seated and keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyPhotos84 on Instagram also known as Travis of the Neverlanders Social Club