Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nerd Block Unboxing May 2014

First up on the box is an awesome Star Wars/ Game of Thrones T-Shirt "Fett is Coming"
Available in Boba Fett Green or Black.

Next up we have a Super Mario Bros. U Dangler figure. We got Squirrel suit Toad in our package. There are 6 different figures to collect!

This next item is called a "Stick-it-Pad" used on car dashboards or desks to keep your mobile phone handy.

Another Star Wars themed item is these cool Star Wars Mini Plushies from Lucasfilm. We got a tiny Darth Vader, but there is also Yoda, Wicket, R2-D2, & Chewbacca. It looks like this line has been revived specifically for this Nerd Block

More Star Wars! Funko, the people who make those awesome POP figures have made this Star Wars Papercraft set. I've never done papercraft before but this set looks really awesome. It is of 2 scenes both from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. My Favorite!

Amazing Spider-Man #001 FanExpo Exclusive cover

Overall a pretty decent haul. A lot of Star Wars items, perhaps for "May the 4th be with you" and the anniversary dates of the release of every Star Wars Film released so far. The amazing Spider-Man movie came out this month along with a new #1 comic so it's a big month for Spidey too. And last we have Super Mario Bros U.  which I think was thrown in because later this month Nintendo is releasing Mario Kart WiiU. Soo everything except for the Stick-It-Pad seems to be related to the month in some way.

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I hope you've enjoyed this detailing of what's inside this months Nerd Block
Be sure to check back soon for May's Lootcrate "Adventure" unboxing.