Friday, June 19, 2015

Custom Painted shoes inspired by Disney Pixar's new short "Lava" also full song is included in this video

These took 12+ hours to complete and provided that over $300 is an outlandish price for 
shoes.  I am not going to repeat this design and these are not for sale. That's what makes them special. Sorry.
 I will however work with my long time followers, friends and youtube subscribers, if I get the opportunity and if they have a project I am passionate about working on and I feel I can complete.

If you really want Disney shoes, Vans just released some great designs if you are ok wearing the same thing as everyone else? Or you could even try etsy, there are tons of sellers there who are willing to copy another artists work and pass it off as their original idea and some will do it for dirt cheap. Just please research their work before you buy, nobody likes disney characters with lumpy faces. So Happy Hunting.