How to Request Art

Custom Shoe design request form

Ok, so here’s the deal, I really want to start working more with my youtube subscribers, instagram followers, facebook friends, etc... to thank them for watching my videos, liking my pictures and sticking with me all this time. So I’m creating this document so you all can submit your requests for custom designs.
Because I prefer not to set a price, I will be working with those subscribers/followers/friends with whom I have already established a friendship with. I want the person receiving the art to be someone who appreciates all the work and love that goes into my creations. I feel that the right people will not lowball me or screw me over by not paying. At the end of the day I don’t want to create art for just anyone, if I did, I could just open up my old etsy shop and sell to any stranger who wanted to throw money at me. That’s not an enjoyable experience for me and it really makes me not want to create when it’s done that way. If you are NEW to all of this PLEASE DON'T LET THAT SCARE YOU AWAY! Just talk to me here and there, let me get to know you a little bit, friend me on Facebook or talk to me on Twitter , it also helps me figure out what art works best for you, once I have a better feeling of who you are. And if you don't want to wait, I may have some shoes that are already painted and ready to sell now at my web store

*** New projects will not be started until previous orders are completed and sent out (Estimated to be Mid November 2015)**

I do have some rules if you want your request to be considered.

  1. You must be willing to supply your own shoes! (This is negotiable, but will be handled on a case by case basis.)
  2. I will not be repeating any past designs. If you love one of my other designs, I’m sure someone on etsy has already copied it and is selling it as their own. If you want the same thing that somebody else has then check there first or even look at the new line of Disney Vans shoes, they look really great but you will be wearing the same thing as a billion other people. If you want ORIGINALITY, then keep reading!
  3. I cannot guarantee a timeframe (unless I tell you otherwise privately, I'm TRYING TO COMPLETE REQUESTS FOR CHRISTMAS 2015 so REQUEST NOW!!!) Because I work full time and have kids who need dinners made and homework help,  I also create and edit videos myself with no help from others, I also travel often and there is also whatever else life throws at me, this leaves me with only a few hours per day to work on projects, and usually when I paint it is done overnight when everyone else at home is asleep and I can work undistracted. This means I’m on overtime, it means I sometimes go for 40+ hours with no sleep. Because my schedule is so hectic, I cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time unless otherwise noted.
  4. If and when I feel like I can work on a new project  I WILL CONTACT YOU! Bugging me asking if I’ll ever get to your request will just get you bumped off the list. Unfortunately my inbox clogs up really quickly and i’ve had issues where I don’t receive messages for months or weeks after they are sent. So rather than deal with all of that I will reach out to you (be sure to leave your preferred contact method in the form below). I will contact you through Email, social media, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Facebook.
  5. Follow me where I share my artwork The Dan-O Channel, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook as I mentioned above. If you’ve made it this far and don’t understand why I need you to follow me, then you probably skimmed through and should re-read from the top.
  6. Once the artwork is complete I will ship them back to you and let you know how many hours they took as well as send you a link to the youtube video of me creating the artwork. Recording myself while painting helps me accurately see how long each piece takes to complete.
  7. Once you’ve set the price of what you think the artwork is worth I can create you an invoice to be paid via credit card through my Square Market shop Feel free to browse my previous work to get an idea about pricing.
  8. Enjoy your one of a kind custom painted artwork. Relish in the fact that nobody else in the whole world will be wearing the same thing as you and nobody ever will. Just like you, each one is unique! Oh and send me pictures! I love seeing pictures of my work out and about in the world!