Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vintage Disneyland Postcards Part 1.

While recently visiting Long Island New York, I was fortunate enough to stumble onto a bunch of Vintage Disneyland Postcards. Unfortunately There is no exact year marked anywhere on the postcards, so I only have the $0.25 price tag and some of the attractions to give an estimate of what time period these are from...

The biggest difference between back then and now is the way people dressed.

Perhaps one day Cascade Mountain will make a return to Disneyland....

I do wish the old style Jungle Cruise boats would make a return too. 

The rockwork on the Jungle Cruise has definitely been updated over the years. 
I think this view of Tomorrowland is a pretty good indicator of the time period that these shots were from. 
Notice the land that the Matterhorn belonged to....
Matterhorn Bobsleds opened in 1959 so these post cards must be from after that.
The original single car bobsleds were replaced by newer 2-car models in 1978, so definitely before then. 
In it's earlier years, guide maps showed Matterhorn Bobsleds under Tomorrowland. By '72, the mountain had been officially moved into Fantasyland where it remains to this day.

The Autopia photo above is the only one of this set to show cartoon versions of the Disney characters drawn over the photograph.

This set shows a layout of Fantasyland that dissapeared around 1983. Many things have since moved.  The carousel looks just about the same as it does now, but it's place is now in the center of fantasyland where The Mad Tea Party is shown above. 
The Fantasyland Skyway is definitely one of the old rides that I'd like to see return to Disneyland in some shape or form.

This is the old souvenir paper bag that the postcards were found in. The detail in the print is awesome. 

Stay tuned for more updates on all the Vintage Disneyland postcards that I found. In between finishing much delayed shoes, I'll be posting scans of all the postcards here and posting videos of them over at heep:// subscribe and follow along.

All postcards are images take for and by the Walt Disney Company. I have no affiliation or claim to ownership of any images oh this posting other than the scan of the souvenir bag.