Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring Dapper Day 2015 at Disneyland!

Twice per year people flock to Disney parks from all over the country to participate in Dapper Day.
Dapper Day is when folks don their finest apparel and hit the parks in style. While many choose vintage fashion, there are many people who use contemporary clothing and even those who dress inspired by characters mixing dapper day with disneybounding. This springs Dapper Day took place on March 1st.

Here's my video for my first Dapper Day!

For my 1st Dapper Day I chose to do the latter. I DapperBounded as a Star Wars Rebel Pilot
My outfit was made of bright orange Dress pants, A light orange button up dress shirt, a white sweater vest, an orange black and white bow tie, yellow aviator sunglasses to simulate the goggles the pilots wore and I custom painted a newsboy cap to match the pattern of a rebel pilot helmet.

I was fortunate to meet up with some friends I made at the #DisneySide #MakerAllStar Creator Conference, Leo Camacho (MrLeoZombie on youtube), Sarah Sterling (ImSarahSnitch on youtube), as well as youtubers Keith Lapinig (KeithLapinig on youtube) Brizzy (BrizzyVoices on youtube)

As part of the Dapper Day experience there is also an expo that was going on at the Grand Californian hotel. At the expo,  I ran into #DisneySide #MakerAllStar Conference friend, Charis (CharismaStarTV on youtube) pictured below

I was also fortunate to be apart of one of my favorite youtubers shows, Adam the Woo's The Daily Woo

You can see the episode below!

Also I later got to meet up with Adam the Woo again and I even hung out even more with Mig Vee (Wacky California on youtube)
Pictured above is Adam the Woo, Mig Vee, Justin Scarred (LiveFastDiePoor on youtube) and Tyler Evans, TylerEvansRockJournalist on youtube)

I was even in one of Mig Vee's videos too
Check it out below and please subscribe to these other great youtube channels and tell them Dan-O sent ya!

Overall it was a really awesome Dapper Day!

I just found out I also appeared in the Randomland Dapper Day Episode

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